4 Ways to Reduce Variable Frequency Drive Downtime

Posted December 4, 2019 by Pepper Hastings

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Hi, I'm Jeff Rogers with Innovative IDM. Variable frequency drives are probably one of the greatest inventions in modern automation. If you aren't using one of these things yet, trust me you will be soon. They're always getting less expensive, easier to use, and the applications are virtually endless.

Variable frequency drives are very instrumental in a lot of different applications and therefore their uptime is critical. If you've ever had to replace one, you already know it can be a little bit cumbersome to replace because it almost certainly means that a motor somewhere is not running - which probably means downtime for you.

So, there are a number of things that you should keep in mind when using your variable frequency drive.

1. The #1 killer of VFD's is heat. These components have high voltage running through them and heat is a result of that fact.

2. To mitigate heat, VFD's have fans that are always running and as a result the fans are the parts that most frequently fail. That means you want to replace your fans before they fail to avoid damaging your VFD as a result of overheating.

3. VFD's have massive heat sinks that draw heat away from the unit and into the atmosphere. As dust and other contaminants accumulate on the heat sinks, their efficiency decreases and can lead to damage of your VFD. This can be avoided by using compressed air on a regular basis to keep your heat sinks clean.

4. Dust is a huge killer of electronic components, and you want to keep your VFD clean and clear of dust as much as possible. A protective cabinet can do a great job of protecting your VFD from dust and other particles and contaminants. Always be sure that the cabinet is suitable for the environment where your VFD will be used.

5. Using proper electrical filters is another way to ensure the longevity of your VFD unit, both the line side (electric company to VFD) and the load side (VFD to motor) should be protected.

These investments may cost a bit more in the beginning, but they are well worth it over the long-term for savings in repair, replacements, and most of all downtime.

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