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Memorial Day 2019, Remembering the Fallen

Posted May 30, 2022 by Pepper Hastings

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Graves at Arlington National Cemetary

The Springtime tribute to those fallen in battle, now known as Memorial Day, has been around since the Civil War era. In 1868, Union Major General James A. Logan declared May 30th as Decoration Day - the words in his order for military posts to decorate graves still ring true today:

“We should guard their graves with sacred vigilance. ... Let pleasant paths invite the coming and going of reverent visitors and fond mourners. Let no neglect, no ravages of time, testify to the present or to the coming generations that we have forgotten as a people the cost of a free and undivided republic.”

3 p.m. on Memorial Day is the National Moment of Remembrance - take a minute today to remember those who have fought and died in defense of our freedom.

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Deploy Cobots to Combat Staffing Woes

Posted May 20, 2022 by Pepper Hastings

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In an environment where worker shortages continue to stifle output, automation is becoming more essential. Learn how incorporating the Omron TM collaborative robot from Innovative-IDM into your end-user operations can help you streamline repetitive tasks, reduce operating expense, minimize errors, and increase output. Check out more info here.

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Customer Service Pro Jay Arnold Takes a Bite Out of Crime

Posted by Pepper Hastings

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493 career homers

Fred "Crime Dog" McGriff averaged 32 homers a season during his 19-year major league career, which makes him a favorite at Innovative-IDM. Always vigilant of fraudsters, our customer service team members are rewarded with a McGriff baseball card for sniffing out nefarious "customers."

Houston customer service pro Jay Arnold is shown holding his newly acquired Fred "Crime Dog" McGriff card. Arnold took a bite out of crime by outing fraudulent information on a submitted credit application. Houston sales leader Braden Morris presented the former Texas A&M defensive end with his rewards, which included an Amazon gift card.

Jay Arnold with his McGriff card, presented by Braden Morris.

Jay is big and Braden isn't - we get that, which makes the photo even more interesting. Nice work, Jay.

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Some Big Drive Energy in Our Houston Panel Shop

Posted May 16, 2022 by Pepper Hastings

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These are 4 x 1200A Drive Panels. Last week, our Houston manufacturing team laid all four of these massive custom N3R enclosures on their backs and stuffed each with a 1200A Yaskawa A1000 drives and a pre-wired back panel.  Once upright, two AC units totaling more than 3 tons were installed onto each panel.

When completed, each of these panels will weigh approximately 3,800 pounds. These are the first of eight total panels built by our Houston shop for use in a customer's 800HP gas compression application. That's 6-foot engineer Ernie Sparks standing in for scale.

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Programming an Omron TMCobot Is Easy and Intuitive

Posted by Pepper Hastings

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A lack of programming experience doesn’t need to stop you from integrating robotics into your production process. The Omron TM Series cobot interface has simplified, visual flowchart-based software to ensure that even users with no prior experience can program it in minutes. And we have onsite engineers who can help you, too.  Learn more.

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