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State Fair of Texas Fountain Control Panel

Posted September 29, 2021 by Pepper Hastings

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State Fair of Texas fountain control panel

State Fair of Texas/City of Dallas Esplanade Fountain control panel, shown in our DFW panel shop with the crew (Jason Scott, Adam Ring, Brad Swift and Chris Coler) who built it, summer 2009. The panel still is in operation 12 years later and plays a vital role in the daily Illumination Sensation show at 8 p.m. at the State Fair of Texas.

This panel was destroyed shortly after its 2009 shipment because heavy rain flooded the vault in which it was housed. (No power had been installed to the site to run sump pumps, so the vault flooded.)

During the initial installation at Fair Park in Dallas, the panel was set in place inside the vault with a crane and then the top of the vault was set in place and the fountain built on top of that. After it flooded, there was no way to extract the panel from the vault since it was larger than the hatch. Innovative-IDM techs rebuilt the panel inside the sweltering hot and humid vault.

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