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5 Preventable Industrial Accidents (and how they could have been avoided)

Posted August 12, 2021 by Pepper Hastings

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Live webinar Sept. 14

Join us Tuesday, Sept. 14, 11 am CDT.

Real-life examples of accidents that could have been prevented. You will benefit from this 40-minute no-cost webinar.

Register NOW. You will learn about:
*Are your workers at risk like the examples?
*Circumstances that led to these preventable injuries.
*Safety technologies available to everyone that could have saved lives.

Please forward to those in your organization who would benefit from knowing more about preventing accidents using safety technology and methodology. REGISTER TODAY!

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5 Reasons Barcodes Fail and How to Fix Them (Hint: Start with a high-performance reading system)

Posted by Pepper Hastings

Categories: Blog, Omron, Omron Safety

Poor quality barcodes -- no matter the cause -- result in no-reads. Once the cause of the barcode problem is defined, it can be addressed by taking simple preventive measures. A high-performance barcode reading system will ensure the best read possible and protect a company's time and data. Omron published a highly-informative downloadable white paper on the optimizing bar code readability. You might be surprised at some of the reasons bar codes become unreadable, and how simple the fix can be.


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