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Throwback: 100,000 Donuts!

Posted October 22, 2018 by Sidney Mireles

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It was Aug. 10, 2012, date of the largest donut drop by Innovative-IDM to any customer. Klent Prewitt picked up the 40+ dozen donuts for delivery to MultiCam. The event was in recognition of the 100,000 other donuts we had delivered there since Gene Gray first started the weekly tradition in 2000 as an excuse to go by and pick up a much-needed check for goods and services provided. In 2018, the partnership has matured beyond the weekly donuts, yet MultiCam and its donut and kolache consumption remain legendary in IIDM lore.

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Fall Anniversary Spotlight

Posted October 19, 2018 by Sidney Mireles

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Look at all of these awesome posters the CIA made for our awesome employees for their anniversaries! Every one of y'all are amazing and we look forward to more years with you in the future!


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How Ernie Sparks Named the CIA

Posted by Sidney Mireles

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The early CIA Logo, from Ernie Sparks

When asked about how the CIA got its name, Ernie said:

"There was a naming contest in February 2013. The contest was to come up with a name for a new volunteer group that would continually improve the culture of the company. I took clues from the email: Culture/improvement.

[The email] originally had used the word bureau so that gave me the idea of some three-letter agencies: C-I-A. I sent in eight variations. Cultural Improvement Agency was one of them.

I had used the word cultural. So, it was changed to be the more grammatically correct word, culture. My daughter drew this logo to go along with the names."

And thus, the CIA was born!

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