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College Recruiting Season!

Posted March 18, 2018 by Sidney Mireles

Categories: IIDM Behind the Scenes

President Gene Gray & Chicago Branch Manager Tim Mueller

In the spring, Gene Gray, Tim Mueller, and a college recruiting crew comprised of Brandt King, Stephen Weatherley, Kelly Williams, Omar Mediano, Pepper Hastings, Andres Chapa, Clayton King, Mason Godwin, Tanner Hilton, Nick O'Connor, and Kyle Parry fanned out across Texas and the Midwest interviewing talent.

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Yesterday was NACHO average Buzz's Bar and Grill (BBG) here at IIDM's Corporate Headquarters in Dallas. Non-IIDMers might ask, what is a BBG? The short answer, a monthly office shindig, organized by our Culture Improvement Agency (CIA) and hosted by different departments within the company.

Innovative IDM's Dallas Shop and Warehouse Team were the hosts this month. They pulled out all the stops with 3 large boxes of tortilla chips, 3 crock-pots full of different types of queso, fajita chicken, fajita beef and all the right fixin's!

There were plates of nachos taller than the Eiffel Tower and a guest appearance by Nacho Libre. Oh, but the fun didn't end there, a Grito competition broke out between Nacho Libre (a.k.a. Carlos Arriaga) and Mark Stanley. I'm NACHO who had the best grito, but I am sure that Rey Contreras had the tallest and best looking plate of nachos.

A big thanks to our Dallas Shop & Warehouse Team for hosting such a Legendary BBG!

Gemini Day at HQ

Posted March 9, 2018 by Pepper Hastings

Categories: IIDM Behind the Scenes

Our Gemini training program is for incoming sales engineers. It's called Gemini because of the "twin" nature of the program: the trainee learns and trains about what we expect in terms of customer service (our core competency) while learning to be a technical salesperson fluent in the capabilities and applications of our core lines of products.

Today, we had five candidates from Purdue University, University of Wisconsin, and Texas Tech University. Awesome field of candidates, and they enjoyed HOOPLA as well. Thanks for taking time to visit and interview in Dallas.


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Sunbelt Pump Controllers Now Powered by Innovative-IDM

Posted March 2, 2018 by Pepper Hastings

Categories: Blog, UL508A Panel Shop

As of March 1, Sunbelt Power Controls is fully integrated into Innovative-IDM. Richard Kreekon, who worked since 2016 to make this transition a reality, has moved on to retirement.

Sunbelt is now a brand name for a product (pump control panels) sold by Innovative-IDM. We have UL508A panel shops in Dallas, Houston and Chicago. All Sunbelt panels are designed with quality components, built to exact schematics and are subject to a rigorous quality control process.

Dean Morris is your contact for the Sunbelt product line, and he can also help you with any of the other products and services -- including electronic repairs and field service -- offered by Innovative-IDM.


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Texas Independence Day

Posted by Pepper Hastings

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Texas Independence Day and the Texas State Flag

Texas State Flag

Map of the Republic of Texas

Map of the Republic of Texas

Today is Texas Independence Day, the day Texas became a sovereign nation as the Republic of Texas and broke from Mexico. It’s an official holiday here in Texas — not the kind you get off of work from, but a holiday nonetheless.

If you’ve ever been confounded about how to fly the Texas flag, just remember what my 7th grade teacher used to tell us: “Blood on the ground!”


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