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December Buzz’s Bar & Grill

Posted December 20, 2017 by Omar Mediano

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Lonnie Gillilan

Once a year our Field Service Supervisor, Lonnie Gillilan, likes to cook up his own meals tofeed our Innovative-IDM Dallas Branch. This year was no exception and set the bar very high for next year.

Lonnie and his family cooked up Chicken Pot Pies, Meatloaf baked in a bed of Mashed Potatoes, Brisket Mac n’ Cheese, Shepard’s Pie, Rolls, & a mix of Cubed Cheese, Veggies, & Crackers. Not to be forgotten was the homemade desserts that he brought included Fudge, 2 layer Carrot Cake, Bread Pudding, & much more.

This was our last BBG of the year and thanks to Lonnie’s cooking, it will not be overlooked. Thank you Lonnie for your selflessness and willingness to feed our hungry branch!


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Holiday Party – Houston Style

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The SpindleTap Brewery in Houston was the place to be on Saturday. Ugly sweaters, karaoke, ice cold liquid gold, corn hole, basketball, great food, gifts and Innovative-IDM employees.

When it came to liquid gold, "BoomTown Blonde" seemed to be the drink of choice for the majority of IIDM'ers. I'm not sure if it was the liquid gold, or the excitement of the holiday season, but multiple employees and guests sang their hearts out on the karaoke machine.

The fun didn't stop there, Edwin Catalan took the stage and  named Zip-Tie Tinsel, Juan Silva, winner of the ugly sweater contest.

Then it was time for giveaways and the same thing was one everyone's mind, who is going to win the big screen tv?! Houston Branch Manager, Stephen Weatherley, called employees up one-by-one to draw raffle tickets. Gifts included 2 Yeti Tumblers, Fit-Bit, Kindle Fire HD, SoundSport Headphones, Wine basket, Sunglasses, Liquor Basket, Cavender's Gift Card, Vodka Basket,Yeti Cooler, Xbox One and a 50" Smart TV. At the end of the night, Stephen and El Presidente, Gene Gray, announced Marilyn Skeet as the winner of the TV.

Innovative-IDM's Houston CIA did an amazing job organizing the holiday party. It was a Legendary party with Legendary people!

Jeff & Debbie Bruce

Ed & Tracy Hyer

Dan & Debra Holmes

March Phelps & Todd Mueller

Edwin, Suzanne, Autumn and Adam

Dana & Paul

Brandt, Amanda & Gene

Erin, Michael & Alberto

Carol & Jeff

Corn Hole Champions - Ed Hyer & Stephen Weatherley

James Nairn & Felix Vargas


Ugly Sweater Contestants

The Finalists - Felix, Alberto, Juan and Adam

WINNER - Juan Silva (zip-tie tinsel)

Edwin Catalan

Basketball - Dale Frisk, Ed Hyer, Jacob Hestand, Stephen & Sandra Weatherley

Ed & Tracy Hyer

Raffle Winner - Carolyn Brace

Raffle Winner - Jeff Bruce

Raffle Winner - Gary Mertschin

Raffle Winner - James Nairn

Raffle Winner - Edwin Catalan

Raffle Winner - Dale Frisk

Raffle Winner - Marc Phelps

Raffle Winner - Ernie Sparks

Raffle Winner - Kevin Olson

Raffle Winner - Stephen Weatherley

Raffle Winner - Jeff Smith

Stephen & Gene announcing the winner of the 50" TV.

Raffle Winner - Marilyn Skeete

Houston Branch Manager, Stephen Weatherley, decided to help Brandt King check an item off of his bucket list this holiday season by letting him play Oprah Winfrey. You get a vest! You get a vest! Everyone gets a vest!


Innovative-IDM Partnering With Flower Mound Police Department

Posted December 14, 2017 by Omar Mediano

Categories: Employees, IIDM Behind the Scenes


It’s always a great day when you can contribute to the needs of others. Over the past week, Innovative-IDM Dallas Branch purchased 26 bikes kits, assembled the bikes and delivered them to the Flower Mound Police Department. The bikes and helmets came in a variety of sizes, so that every kid will have a safe and enjoyable ride.  The bikes will be distributed to families in need during the Flower Mound Santa Cop Program next week, ensuring that there are more kids getting to enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

Huge thanks to Gene Gray and Innovative-IDM for putting up the funds to purchase all the bikes and helmets.  We would also like to thank everyone who participated in the bike assembly last Saturday (listed below), and our wonderful Innovative-IDM CIA agents for putting on this event.

We are blessed enough to provide a Merry Christmas for our families/children and feel honored to be able to help kids in need.  It’s Legendary to work for a company that promotes and encourages contributions to our community, whether it’s donations of time or gifts.

Also, a huge shout out to Parker Hannifin for sparking this friendly competition!


Assembly Volunteers:

  • Kelly W. (Human Resource Superstar)
  • Guest – Ricky, Preston, Kaydence, & Lane


  • Gina A. (Customer Service)
  • Guest – Jason & Janet


  • Anabel S. (Customer Service)


  • Cyrus J.(Customer Service)


  • Todd M. (Operations Manager)
  • Guest – Jennifer & Greta


  • Rey C. (Shop Tech)
  • Guest – Diego


  • Gene G. (El Presidente)
  • Guest – Tammy & Nate


  • Lonnie M. (FAE/Training Coordinator)
  • Guest – Gloria


  • Kris H. (Dallas Branch Manager)
  • Guest – Barb, Nick, & Jennifer
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Tulsa Customer Party, A Day That Will Live in Infamy

Posted December 12, 2017 by Pepper Hastings

Categories: IIDM Behind the Scenes

Yes, it was Pearl Harbor Day. And yes, it was 22 degrees. And yes, customer service rep Bryce Hamilton splattered a raw egg on his forehead. But none of that kept about 30 customers and another dozen of our valued vendors from staging our fourth annual Technology Showcase and party. If you didn't come, you missed some great bbq ribs and one of most eclectic arrays of import and craft beer imaginable (one which carried an alcohol content of 10.5%).

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ChiTown on the Town

Posted by Pepper Hastings

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Our Chicago store team enjoyed a holiday dinner at Gibson's recently. All were in attendance except for Kyle Parry, who was unable to pull himself from watching his Wisconsin Badgers go down in flames, 27-21, to Ohio State (much to the liking of Tulsa branch manager JP Childress).

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Responsiveness Earns Plaudits from Customer

Posted December 7, 2017 by Pepper Hastings

Categories: Blog, Legendary Customer Service Act of the Week

Last week, a customer had a pump go down and needed a new drive to replace an OEM drive.

After a few phone calls and text messages until 10:30 that night we had the right drive for the job and it was in stock at Yaskawa. He said he would place the order that next morning and would have it shipped over night. I asked Brad in customer service to help him with the order.

After three days his electrical guys worked on trying to install and get it running then they called our field service tech. Joey had it up any running in one hour plus fixed other issues they were having with that system. The owner called and thanked Joey for helping and getting the line running.


Yesterday, I received a call from the Operations Manager of all five plants to say thank you. He said that we are the most responsive company he has dealt with in a longtime. Thanked me for helping him while I was on vacation, said Brad was awesome to work with and Joey was Superman.

Ed Hyer is branch manager of Innovative-IDM's Baton Rouge store. You can reach him at



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