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If Lucy Had a Yaskawa VFD, This (Episode) Wouldn’t Have Happened

Posted October 31, 2017 by Pepper Hastings

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Because a Yaskawa VFD would have allowed the operators of the candy factory to slow down or even reverse the conveyor belt. Instead, they were probably running an old DC motor with in-rush current starts and stops and draining their electricity use. Does this sound like you?

I, for one, am extremely happy they DID NOT have VFDs in the 1950s — lest we’d have never had this classic episode of I Love Lucy, which was bad luck for Lucy and Ethel.

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Dallas Branch Survives Halloween Festival

Posted by Omar Mediano

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Our Dallas branch had a great time Monday with the Innovative-IDM Halloween Festival including a Costume Contest and Pumpkin Carving Contest. The Dallas CIA hosted our monthly Buzz’s Bar & Grill, serving up burgers, hot dogs, brats, salad, chips and handmade corn dip made by Beverly from our Admin Group. Following all the festivities, our team members were spooked by cockroaches and severed fingers when they returned to their desk Tuesday morning.

With a lot of great entries for each, here is a list of the winners.

Dallas Branch Costume Contest:

1st Place – Vida – Killer Joker

2nd Place – Galen – Hippie

Pumpkin Carving Contest:

1st Place – Jesse – Brains

2nd Place  - Tie

Gina – Pumpkin Teeth

Cyrus – Scary Face

3rd Place – Kelly - Owl

Check out fun video

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