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Customize Omron Sensors with Factory Molded Connectors

Posted December 15, 2011 by Pepper Hastings

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Beginning this week, we can now offer our customer factory molded connectors onto their OMRON sensors. We can add a molded IP67-rated M8 or M12 Connector and custom-length cable onto most Omron 3-wire and 4-wire DC Photoelectric or Proximity

This new program from OMRON lets our customers have a choice of affordable custom sensors with their choice of straight connector type. Ordering custom connectors is  simple
1. Call Innovative-IDM at 877.906.2100 or go to
2. Relax, we'll take care of the rest.

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OMRON FZ4 True Color Vision System Offers Super-Fast Read

Posted December 9, 2011 by Pepper Hastings

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Omron Industrial Automation recently introduced the FZ4 Vision System, the next generation FZ Series, which has some notable improvements to meet the increasing demand for quality inspection at increased speed.
What’s New?
* 5 megapixel cameras can be used with all FZ4 controllers, from Lite to Super high-speed.
* Remote control functionality added to improve operation efficiency
* One PC controls multiple FZ systems (setting/adjustment)
* Individual control for 2-line, random trigger mode image
* Remote adjustment with non-stop adjustment mode for running line
* New shape search algorithm
* Detailed Inspections using high resolution cameras
* Detection Variation: Low Contrast/Shiny/Hidden/Near/Far
* Compensation for Lens Distortion and Trapezium Distortion
* Faster processor
* FZ4-1100 series: Super high-speed hardware for dual tasks (Dual processors with 2x reading
speed): High Speed mode; Random Trigger mode; Non-Stop Adjust mode; Logging mode
* FZ4-600 series: New lineup makes advanced features in FZ3-700 series standard

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Optimizing Delta Robots with the alpha TP+

Posted November 28, 2011 by Vanessa Muse

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Wittenstein's alpha TP+ High Torque gearbox fits perfectly into the delta robot system because of exceptional precision and compactness.  This gearbox combines low backlash and high torsional stiffness to create the highest in positioning accuracy.

Working in food processing or packaging?  The alpha TP+ also comes in a washdown version, perfect for hygenic applications.  For more information or to order your Wittenstein alpha TP+ High Torque gearbox, call Innovative-IDM at 877-906-2100.

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JFK Assassination: The Moment of Truth

Posted November 22, 2011 by Pepper Hastings

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No matter what your thoughts are on this tragic day in 1963, one thing is for sure: It happened, and it happened exactly 48 years ago this afternoon on Elm Street in downtown Dallas, just 15 miles from Innovative-IDM.

The first shot hitting Kennedy was captured by AP photographer Ike Altgens who was standing across Elm Street from the grassy knoll at Dealey Plaza. Unfortunately, Altgens, by his own admission, froze on rifle report, and didn't snap another picture until seconds had passed and the motorcade was past him and nearly to the triple underpass.

To hear Altgens tell it later:

 "I had pre-focused, had my hand on the trigger, but when JFK's head exploded, sending substance in my direction, I virtually became paralyzed," Altgens later told author Richard B. Trask. "This was such a shock to me that I never did press the trigger on the camera.

Altgens' final photo taken just after the fatal shot shows Jackie Kennedy and Secret Service agent Clint Hill on the back of the Presidential limousine.

"[T]o have a President shot to death right in front of you," Altgens continued, "and keep your cool and do what you're supposed to do—I'm not real sure that the most seasoned photographers would be able to do it." Still, he said, "there is no excuse for this. I should have made the picture that I was set up to make. And I didn't do it."

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Wittenstein TPM+ High Torque

Posted November 21, 2011 by Vanessa Muse

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Upgraded ActuWittenstein TPM+ High Torque Actuatorators Are Now Available From Wittenstein.

The TPM+ family of actuators from Wittenstein has unparalleled dynamics and compactness.  Servo motors and gearheads merge seamlessly into a single versatile unit.  Maximum power density meets functional design, including genuine benefits in terms of length.  This outstanding motor gearhead unit puts your application ahead of the rest.

The High Torque version of the actuator has been upgraded to match the rest of the rotary family with the introduction of the TPM+ High Torque.  This high torque actuator is capable of resisting almost any externally applied forces without yielding and can handle even the heaviest loads.  Order your Wittenstein TPM+ Actuator today!  Call Innovative-IDM at 877-906-2100.


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